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Meet in the Middle Mixer

Please be sure to join the Women Lawyers of Pasco for this month’s Meet in the Middle mixer at the offices of DPW Legal! You do not have to be a member of WLP to attend — just a lawyer. We will be joined by Sandra Diamond, our Sixth Judicial Circuit Representative to the Florida […]

My Contribution to the Public Discussion on 512(f) Takedown Abuse

I am pleased to have played a part in helping the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) set free the sealed records in the Disney v. Hotfile case. I argued in Court this week on EFF’s behalf, and now some documents that had been filed as under seal “indefinitely” will be made public in the court file by mid-October, and the parties will be required to come up with a plan to unseal all of the documents currently listed as permanently under seal over the next month and a half. This is an important victory.