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Use a Trademark Lawyer Rather than LegalZoom or Trademarkia for Your Trademark Registration

It’s important to use a trademark lawyer rather than a DIY service like Trademarkia or Legal Zoom for your trademark registration. Here’s why. Today I had a successful small business ask me why they shouldn’t just use a do it yourself web service like LegalZoom or Trademarkia to apply for a trademark registration with the […]

Join Jared at the HCBA Appellate Section CLE

Our own Jared Krukar has put together a fabulous slate for next week’s HCBA Appellate Practice Section Luncheon and CLE. Don’t miss the program on Wednesday April 5th at noon.  Be sure to register for both the Luncheon and CLE! Luncheon – “Merit Retention in Florida: A Brief Primer” Judge Matthew Lucas. CLE – “An Appellate Medley: […]