Florida Capitol

Testimony in Opposition to HB 271

On Thursday, I testified before the Florida House of Representatives' House Regulatory Affairs Committee on behalf of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in opposition to CS/HB 271, the True Origin of Digital Goods Act.
WTAN Radio Sign

IP Expertise Featured on Radio Show

I was honored to be a guest on the Half Empty, Half Full Radio show on WTAN 1340 last week, talking about intellectual property law.
6th Annual IP Symposium Aereo Panel

6th Annual IP Symposium a Success

I gave the copyright law roundup presentation, and also moderated a panel on the Supreme Court's decision in ABC v. Aereo.
Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. United States Courthouse

My Contribution to the Public Discussion on 512(f) Takedown Abuse

I am pleased to have played a part in helping the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) set free the sealed records in the Disney v. Hotfile case. I argued in Court this week on EFF's behalf, and now some documents that had been filed as under seal "indefinitely" will be made public in the court file by mid-October, and the parties will be required to come up with a plan to unseal all of the documents currently listed as permanently under seal over the next month and a half. This is an important victory.
Facebook Takedown Notice

Take Down Abuse: From Harry Potter to LEGOs

Do you know what's worse than receiving a DMCA takedown notice? Receiving a Facebook takedown notice that gives no indication of who your accuser is.