Do You Want to Win Your Appeal But Not Sure How?

Your client is depending on you. But appellate procedures can be confusing, complicated, and full of dangerous traps if you don’t have appellate experience. Even one missed deadline can cost you a win. One misstep can embarrass you in front of the Court and in front of your clients.

What if there was someone you could turn to who was a recognized expert in appellate practice? What if you could tell your clients with confidence that you’d brought a specialist onto your team to give you the best possible chance of getting the appellate result you need?

The DPW Legal team has the experience and expertise you need, at a level you won’t find at most other law firms. With a combined almost 30 years of experience — including several years actually working for some of the very appellate courts we now appear in front of — our team knows the ins and outs of appellate procedure. We can steer you through the pitfalls, develop your appellate strategy, identify your winning arguments, and help you put them on paper and present them effectively.

Contact us now to find out how to add us to your appellate team. Whether you’re still in pre-trial mode but want to make sure you’ve preserved possible appellate error, or the clock is ticking on a recently-entered judgment, our team can help put your appeal on the right track.

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